How To: Win drinks with the four quarters puzzle

Win drinks with the four quarters puzzle

Effect: a hard-as-balls puzzle, that will drive everyone nuts and win you some free booze!

Start out with four quarters set up in a diamond pattern.

The mark's goal is to get the quarters in the correct pattern...WHILE FOLLOWING THESE RULES:

#1: Only slide one quarter at a time, using only one finger.

#2: no picking up, pushing, or stacking of coins (only operate within the two dimensions of the table... and no using one coin to push another)

#3: hardest of all: each time you let go of the coin you're moving, that coin must be touching at least two other coins.

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Dear Viewers,Although this is a neat trick it would be greatly improved if he revealed the secret of the trick. I understand the concept of "a magician never reveals the secrets of his tricks"this is a HowTo site and this taught you how to do absolutley nothing.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

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