How To: Use and understand Rubik's Cube notation

Use and understand Rubik's Cube notation

Solving puzzles can be hard, especially when it comes to Rubik's Cube. Erno Rubik's puzzles are extremely difficult, three-dimensional mechanical cubes, unless you're determined and can handle a few mathematical algorithms, then they're easy, or at least not impossible.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use and understand Rubik's Cube notation. Learning the Rubiks Cube notation is the first step to solving the mighty puzzle. If you don't know the notation, you're going to be in some real trouble. This is very important for you beginner solvers.


F - Front
B - Back
R - Right
L - Left
U - Up
D - Down


F' - Front Prime
B' - Back Prime
R' - Right Prime
L' - Left Prime
U' - Up Prime
D' - Down Prime

Double Layers:

f - front and middle (same time for all)
b - back and middle
r - right and middle
l - left and middle
u - up and middle
d - down and middle

Cube Slices:

M - Middle Vertical
S - Side-Middle Vertical
E - Middle Horizontal

Cube Rotations:

x - makes your front (F) face your Down (D) face
y - makes Front face your Left(L) face
z - makes your Up (U) face your Right (R) face

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