How To: Use the 2-Look OLL on the Rubik's Cube

Use the 2-Look OLL on the Rubik's Cube

This video tutorial is for beginner puzzlers who are getting more advanced in their speedsolving of the Rubik's Cube. This 2-Look Method is exactly like taking 57 OLL algorithms and slimming them down to the single digits. First you orient the edges of the Rubiks Cube (or the cross if you prefer), then the corners, hence the name "2-Look OLL".

After watching this video, you should be a Rubik's Cube pro, or at least think you are.

Find the Cross: L (F U R U')(R' F')
Line Across: (F R U R')(U' R' F')
No Edges: (F R U R')(U' R' F')

1. Anti-Sune: (L' U L U')(L' U2 L)
2. Sune: (R U R' U)(R U2 R')
3. Parallel Corners: F(R U R' U')(R U R' U')(R U R' U')F'
4. Different corners: (R U2)(R2 U')(R2 U')R2 U2 R)
5. Headlights: (R2 D)(R' U2)(R D')(R' U2 R')
6. Chameleon: (r U R' U')(r' F R F')
7. Diagonal Corners: F'(r U R U')(r'F R)

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