How To: Solve the Square One puzzle game

Solve the Square One puzzle game

If you know how to solve the Rubik's Cube, then why don't you try yourself at the Square One puzzle? If you thought the Rubiks Cube was puzzling, then you haven't seen anything yet! This video tutorial will show you how to solve the Square One puzzle. The Square-1, also known as Back to Square One and Cube 21, is much like the Rubik's Cube, but its shape changes when twisted, adding an extra level of difficulty.

Algorithms used in video:

Edges swap Top to Bottom on the right side:

Swap front to corners top side:

Swap front to corners on the down side:

Swap top right and back edges and on the bottom the right and back edges:

Square-1 Notation:
Square-1 Solutions and Algorithms:

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