How To: Solve a simple 4x4 KenKen puzzle

Solve a simple 4x4 KenKen puzzle

Bored with crosswords and sudoku puzzles? Well, try your hands at a new type of puzzle: KenKen logic puzzles.

Invented by Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto, KENKEN allows you to test your puzzle acumen and improve your math skills at the same time. KEN-KEN (kenken), KenDoku or Mathdoku is a style of arithmetic and logical puzzles sharing several characteristics with sudoku.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to solve a simple 4x4 KenKen puzzle. The video from Math Mojo will also teach you the simple rules of KenKen, and then they walk you through solving the 4x4 Ken-Ken puzzle. Learn more.

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