How To: Solve the Cast Heart metal puzzle from Hanayama

Solve the Cast Heart metal puzzle from Hanayama

Find out how to solve the Cast Heart metal puzzle from Hanayama. The Hanayama Cast Heart is the perfect puzzle for your Valentine, and the perfect solution to boredom. Sharpen your mind with this mind boggling puzzle, which rates a 4 out of 8 in difficulty.

Hanayama says: This puzzle stands for the tight bond holding together the hearts of lovers the world over. The first step is to free the gold and silver hearts from the chain. Once complete, you have to try your best to get them all back together. This puzzle, to be quite honest, is really tough. So... here's to success in love and in puzzles! This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with - yes, you guessed it - a loved one.

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My puzzle is now tangled. What do I do if I messed up?

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