How To: Solve the acid cube Square One puzzle

Solve the acid cube Square One puzzle

Watch this video tutorial to see how to solve the acid cube Square One puzzle. There's a few things you should know before even trying to solve the Square-1 puzzle, which is knowing how to solve the Rubik's Cube. Then you need to know the notation for rotating the Square One, also known as Back to Square One and Cube 21. Next you need to know a few algorithms and you're halfway to solving the challenging puzzle.

Step 1:
Step 3: (1,0)/(0,-3)/(0,-3)/(-1,-1)/(1,4)/(0,3)/
Step 4: /(3,-3)/(0,3)/(-3,0)/(3,0)/(-3,0)/
Step 5: (0,2)/(0,-3)/(1,1)/(-1,2)/

Parity: /(3,3)/(1,0)/(-2,-2)/(2,0)/(2,2)/(-1,0)/ (-3,-3)/(-2,0)/(3,3)/(3,0)/(-1,-1)/(-3,0 )/(1,1)/(-4,-3)

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So cool, where do I get one of these acid cubes? How many crazy ones are there?

where is everyone geting these crazy cubes?

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