How To: Repair and assemble a V-Cube 6 puzzle

Repair and assemble a V-Cube 6 puzzle

The V-Cube 6 puzzle is a uniquely designed and constructed skill game. V-Cube 6 is a multi-colored, multiple-layered cube, rotating smoothly on based axes. The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform color sides on her or his V-Cube, but in this process, the Rubik's Cube-like puzzle may break, especially if you're in the process of speedsolving.

This three-part video tutorial will take you through the steps necessary to fix it, so see how to repair and assemble a V-Cube 6. First, take a look at the the parts and pieces which make up the V-Cube 6. The cube is made up of 212 pieces in all.

The first step in the repair is the formation of the core, to form the beginning of the "spherical support," which is a very strong shape that is resistant against implosion and breaking. You should have the core assembled with its spherical support structure, having four wedges inserted along with the interlocking clamp pieces.

Once you have formed the core structure, you are ready to move on to the reassembling the first, second and third layers of the V-Cube 6. See how to place the centers, edges and corner pieces in their proper locations to arrange the layers.

Now you need to finish the assembly by affixing the last three layers. The last layer is probably the trickiest to assemble because it requires you to pop or snap pieces forcibly into place. You'll see the order of inserting the pieces to avoid unnecessary pressure on the center pieces and allow you to place the pieces in more easily.

Voilà... your V-Cube 6 is all fixed and assembled and ready to solve.

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