How To: Play with a Rubik's Cube Lego puzzle

Play with a Rubik's Cube Lego puzzle

Puzzles include multiple pieces each with a designated pattern so that when a user regroups the pieces, a picture or a particular image is presented, which provides practice to the coordination of the user's concept to space and structural relationship between pieces. However, no matter how large the quantity of the pieces is, puzzles only provide user's spatial concept in two dimensions. To enhance spatial concept and increase entertainment to the user, building blocks are promoted so that users are able to train spatial concept via building and rebuilding. LEGO.RTM. is one building blocks trade name known all over the world. With the special design of each piece, users are able to explore their potential imagination, which is very interesting and educational to the users. However, playing with LEGO.RTM. requires quite a lot of space even though the pieces of LEGO.RTM. are portable. In order to overcome the shortcoming, a new toy called "magic cube" or "Rubik's Cube" is introduced to the market. The six faces of the magic cube respectively have a unique color different from the others. After rotation to different rows (or columns), the colors are mixed with one another. Therefore, players are able to use proper rotation to rows (or columns) to regroup the same colors together. The magic cube is portable and requires only a little space to play with. Actually, users can play with the magic cube within the palms. Therefore, magic cube does provide training to user's spatial concept as well as entertainment. Ahem... okay, now have fun.

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