How To: Make your own crossword puzzle

Make your own crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles are great way to exercise you mind and have something fun to do with breakfast. Don't just do a puzzle, but make one yourself. You can do it by hand or try out the help of a crossword building software.

For beginners, there are easy ways to create your first crossword puzzle.

You Will Need

* Internet access
* Paper
* Pen
* Software
* Graph paper (optional)

Step 1: Join crossword constructor online forums for tips

Join crossword constructor online forums or discussion lists for beginner tips from serious hobbyists and professionals.

Step 2: Choose a theme for your crossword puzzle

Choose a central theme to hang your crossword puzzle words and clues on.

Step 3: Brainstorm crosswords and clues from theme

Brainstorm words and clues from your puzzle's theme and write them on paper.

Step 4: Visit a crossword puzzle-maker web site

Using an online crossword puzzle maker, enter the width, height, and number of squares, and then enter the words and clues line by line. Click a button and a puzzle is generated.

Some hobbyists prefer to create a crossword puzzle the old-fashioned way – using graph paper and pen.

Step 5: Buy professional crossword-puzzle-maker software

Buy crossword-puzzle-maker software for professionals or serious hobbyists. This software has a steeper learning curve than the typical online puzzle generator.

In 1913, the first published crossword puzzle was created by English journalist Arthur Wynne for the New York World newspaper.

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