How To: Make a wooden children's jigsaw puzzle

Make a wooden children's jigsaw puzzle

Craftsperson Ceal Pedersen, from Heirloom Puzzles, shows you how to make wooden jigsaw puzzles with her own creative touches, geared towards kids.

First, start with a puzzle design phase, sketching, then painting most designs. Then, to make multiple wooden jigsaw puzzles, go to the copy shop and make vivid duplicates of your painting. Trim them and glue them to a piece of 1/4-inch medium density fiberboard with a quick drying varnish. Next, apply two coats of varnish to the outside to protect the picture. Then, saw away the wooden edges and smooth with a belt sander. Sooner or later, you'll start cutting the puzzle pieces out with a blade saw. The smaller the child, the bigger the puzzle pieces.

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