How To: Make a wood labyrinth

Make a wood labyrinth

This video shows viewers how to create a wood labyrinth in which you can roll a small ball through a maze, trying not to allow the ball to fall into the hole. You will need some boards of wood which you will need to cut to the correct dimensions. You will need to create a box-like structure which will have an opening near the bottom from which you can retrieve your ball if it falls in a hole. After designing the template for your wood labyrinth, you should then proceed to make holes in the top of your box which will serve as traps large enough for your ball to fall through. Then, small pieces of wood will be attached to the top of the box to act as walls for the ball. You now have your wood labyrinth.

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Where do I find a template to make the maze. I am having a hard time finding anything I can use as a template. Where did you get yours.

I want to make one of these.

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