How To: Make professional-looking 1x1 Rubik's Cubes from Legos

Make professional-looking 1x1 Rubik's Cubes from Legos

Want to make a Rubik's Cube just like Erno Rubik? Of course you do, but before you start making all of the intrinsic mechanisms of the classic Cube, maybe you should start out a little simpler.

This video tutorial will teach you how to make professional-looking 1x1 Rubik's Cubes from Legos. Just dig up your old Legos and get ready to make a 1-inch by 1-inch replica, directly proportional to all of your other Rubiks Cubes.

With a little Photoshop skills, or Microsoft Office Publisher or Paintbrush, and a scanner and printer, the stickers will be a cinch. You'll also need a ruler, scissors, a paper cutter, clear packing tape, a glue stick, Lego bricks (or blocks), superglue, a box cutter, sandpaper and black paint.

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