HowTo: DIY Wooden Rubik's Cube

DIY Wooden Rubik's Cube

Put your woodworking skills to the test with this spin on the classic Rubik's cube. Instructables user BrittLiv demonstrates how to craft your own wooden cube using the following materials and tools:

HowTo: DIY Wooden Rubik's Cube

  • 23 wooden cubes, sized 19 mm
  • 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube
  •  sandpaper (80, 160)
  • HowTo: DIY Wooden Rubik's Cube lexan tiles or normal stickers
  • strong glue
  • Apoxie Sculpt to fill up the holes (but you don't really need to)
  • wood lacquer (optional, but good)
  • a Dremel
  • safety glasses
  • a drill
  • a permanent marker
  • a small saw

HowTo: Make your own Rubik's Wood Cube.

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