How To: Create Rubik's Cube algorithms using Cube Explorer

Create Rubik's Cube algorithms using Cube Explorer

This is a basic tutorial on using the Cube Explorer computer software to create your own custom algorithms for different 3x3 Rubik's Cube patterns. And just when you thought the Rubik's Cube couldn't get any more fun!


In order to grey-out a cube square and make it undefined, you right-click. It's done several times in the video, but is not talked about.

Remember, you have to leave one piece, for example, both sides of the white/red edge piece, greyed out in order to get the multiple algorithm window when solving. If the cube is fully defined (no grey), then you will only get one algorithm in the main window.

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How do you get the Maneuver Window to pop up? I'm using Cube Explorer 4.30 and when I click "Add and Solve", I only get one solution. If I want more, I have to click the green arrow button and retrieve algorithms one at a time.

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