How To: Clean and lubricate Rubik's Cube puzzles

Clean and lubricate Rubik's Cube puzzles

It's time to lubricate your Rubik's puzzle, so how do you do it? Erno Rubik designed these puzzles to be solved, but every once in a while it is necessary to take them apart, either for cleaning, lubricating or for replacing game parts.

This video tutorial will teach you how to clean and lubricate Rubik's Cube puzzles. Cleaning your Rubiks Cube is essential to speedsolving, so get ready to disassemble the mighty puzzle and wash all of the pieces, then spray them down with silicone lubricant.

This silicone spray lubrication process is essentially the same on all of the Rubik's Cubes, the Eastsheen Cubes and the V-Cubes.

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